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Special Event Fees

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Costs Associated With Issuing a SEA

A non-refundable $1,000 permit Application Fee is required upon submittal of this application. Additionally a Clean-up/Impact deposit (detailed below) is also due upon submittal. Clean-up/impact deposit fees may be refunded if the event is not approved or if the event is canceled prior to the start date.

Additional fees for public safety details for Police and Fire overtime as well as Building permits are separate costs to be determined by staff review of the Special Event Application. In addition, if the event is deemed a Circus, Carnival or other outdoor exhibits that requires a Special Exception by the Code of Ordinances (SEC 12-38) there will be an additional fees for getting the item on the agenda.

Clean-up/Impact Deposit Fees

  • 1- 2 day events = $1,000
  • 3- 5 day events = $3,000
  • 5-7 day events = $5,000
  • 7-14 day events = $15,000
  • 14-29 day event = TBD

Clean-up/impact deposit fees cover the costs of Public Works operations that include cleaning up streets, roads, medians, bus stops, and other public properties that will be impacted by large numbers of patrons visiting our City.


If the applicant plans on renting a City facility in order to hold a special event, the City requires that the applicant obtain a Facility Request Permit available from the Parks and Leisure Services Department, 954-730-3080. Facility Rentals have additional fees not included in the permit.

Other Fees

Other fees for personnel, licenses, inspection fees, etc. shall be paid upon the applicant’s securing the service with the Finance Department. Proof of the payment must be turned into the Special Event Division by the applicant no later than 60 days prior to the approved event.