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Application Review Agency

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The Department of Environmental and Engineering Services will review Special Event Permit applications in order to determine its impact on the community. Recommendations will be made by this Department based on an event’s potential to generate both solid waste and waste water.

The City may require the applicant submit a copy of the contract for the cleaning company that will be hired to clean up during and after the event. The DEES Department will ensure the areas surround the event premises are returned to their pre-special event condition.


The Lauderhill Police Department SET member will review the application to determine if off duty officer(s) for traffic/crowd control or for security at the event site or off-site parking location will be necessary. If police services are required or requested, payment for their services must be made at least 60 days before the first day of the event. The cost for an off duty detail officer is approximately $37 per hour. If more than four (4) off duty detail officers are required to work, a Sergeant will then be required to work as well. Police Service Aides (PSA) are approximately $35 per hour. Costs associated with the Police Department are subject to contract negotiations.

The Lauderhill Police Department may also require the applicant hire a private security company. A copy of the contract should be submitted with the SEA.

Road Closing – If the event involves the use of a City, County, or State roadway, written permission must be obtained from the applicable government and turned in to the City 60 days before the first day of the event. Applicant shall be responsible to furnish, place, maintain and remove all barricades, traffic cones, flasher, etc. as may be required for traffic control.

Fire Department

The Fire Department will review the application to determine if off duty medical/fire services are required. If the Fire Department services are required/requested, payment for their services must be made at least 60 days prior to the first day of the approved event. The approximate cost for an off duty paramedic unit is $166 per hour.

The Fire Department will also review the site plan to ensure there are sufficient provisions for rescue units to move in and out of the premises in an efficient manner.

If pyrotechnics will be utilized an additional permit shall be required in accordance with all Federal, State and Local regulations.

For special events where vendors will utilize tents and canopies, Fire Inspectors will have to inspect all tents/canopies prior to the start of the event to ensure the applicant complies with the City’s Vendors and Canopy requirements for fire safety. When an inspector will be required after hours, the applicant will be required to pay for both the inspection and overtime for the inspector. An inspection with no detail costs $200. If a detail is required where inspectors are to remain for the event, the $200 fee is not required.

The General Requirements of canopy/tent booth include at a minimum.

  1. One 2A10BC fire extinguisher with a current service tag.
  2. If using a deep fat fryer a “Type K” fire extinguisher with a current service tag is required. (in addition to a 2A10BC extinguisher)
  3. No use of portable gasoline generators (without consent of the Fire Marshal and Chief Electrical Inspector)
  4. No dried vegetation utilized as booth decorations.
  5. The use of open flame devices or grills must be ten feet away from the canopy.
  6. Household extension cords are prohibited, heavy duty outdoor extension cords only.
  7. No use of personal tents for food vendors.

Building/Code Division

The Building/Code Division will review the SEA and require building permits for compliance with the Florida Building Codes. The applicant must make arrangements with the State for necessary inspection of rides. Bounce houses and inflatables typically do not require State inspections.

Inspections conducted other than normal working hours, or during weekends, will be given at a rate of $ 150.00 per inspection per discipline, which will be charged to the permit applicant.

A building permit will be issued for items such as tents bigger than ten feet by ten feet, generators, grounding of electric equipment, sufficient sanitary facilities, use of propane gas, etc, associated with the special event. The permit fees will be charged in accordance with the building permit fee schedule in effect.

Applicants are solely responsible to comply with Title I and Title II of the Americans with Disabilities Act and will be required to demonstrate on the site plan all accommodations made to meet requirements.

Parks & Leisure Services

If the applicant wishes to use any City park or facility the applicant should check for their availability with the Parks and Leisure Services (PALS) Department at the Lauderhill Golf Course, 4141 NW 16 Street, 954/730-3080. Facility Request Permits must be completed and approved before completing the Special Event Application.

The PALS Department will review the Special Event Permit application as a member of the Special Event Team if the event is to take place in a City park or facility. PALS will determine whether the applicant will need any additional maintenance or recreation staff to work at the special event. Hourly wages for recreation staff are approximately $25 per hour. In addition, the PALS Department will indicate any special needs that the applicant will be required to attain such as additional garbage cans, barricades, etc.

Planning & Zoning

The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for reviewing SEA for conformance with the Land Development Regulations and Code of Ordinances. Consistent with those policy documents, the Planning and Zoning Department reviews the Special Event Application and site plan for the following issues:

  1. To determine whether the proposed activity or use is allowed within the zoning district where the special event is taking place.
  2. To determine the size of the site and the size of all structures in square feet, to calculate the intensity of the use or activity, and to consider whether the intensity of use is allowed within the zoning district where the special event is taking place.
  3. To estimate the number of vehicular trips that will be generated, to estimate the number of parking spaces needed to accommodate the event, and to determine whether the site has sufficient parking to accommodate the event.
  4. To determine whether the layout of the special event will have any adverse impacts to the natural environment, such as grass, ground cover, shrubs and trees, and water bodies.


The Finance Department will be responsible for identifying and billing the applicant all costs associated with the Special Event Application Process and the Event itself. All bills and/or bonds shall be paid 60 days prior to the start of the event. The City of Lauderhill reserves the right to charge for additional unexpected costs associated with assuring the public’s safety as it pertains to your event.