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The Water Production and Water Distribution departments are dedicated to providing the City of Lauderhill residents with an adequate supply of quality drinking water and the highest level of fire fighting water capacity. We are also dedicated in serving our community with outstanding courtesy and professional customer service.


  • Make sure that the water treatment plant operates at peak efficiency in order to provide for the production of high quality drinking water for the customers of the City of Lauderhill, every day(24 hours a day, 365 days per year), while maintaining some of the lowest utility rates within southeast Florida
  • Maintain complete compliance with permit and regulatory requirements issued by federal, state, and local regulatory agencies
  • Prevent major disruptions of water service to customers of the City's utility system.
  • Flush and repair, and check the operation( replace if necessary) of the fire hydrant system in the City of Lauderhill
  • Ensure utility infrastructure, construction, and engineering projects are executed quickly and efficiently in order to provide for the here and now and future water requirements of the customers and residents of the City of Lauderhill
  • Continue water meter replacement program