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Utilities Projects

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Ongoing Projects

Emergency Generatorsat Lift Stations 9, 17, 18, and 21

Description: Improvements that includes the allocation and installation of a generator with sufficient capacity to serve as a back- up power system, installation of an automatic transfer switch which will guarantee constant power service for the lift stations, concrete pad to support generator and fuel source for the generator.

Status of completion: 25%-Lift station 9 Generator installed awaiting landing in PLC. Pads poured and awaiting electrical connections and generator

NW 21st Street Infrastructure Improvements - Phase 1

Description: Infrastructure Improvements which includes replacement of the water mains, gravity sewer system, force mains, drainage and restoration of roadways along NW 47th Ave and 49th Avenue.

Status of completion: 90% Complete

NW 21st Street Infrastructure Improvements - Phase 2

Description: Infrastructure Improvement which includes replacement of sanitary sewer lining, water main replacement, pavement restoration, drainage restoration and median landscape improvement along NW 21st Street between 47th Avenue and NW 42nd Avenue

Status of Completion: Design - 90%

Green Leaf Filter Rehabilitation

Description: Replace the City of Lauderhill Water Treatment plant’s two Green Leaf Filters internal components as follows / per cell with 4 cells per filter at the City of Lauderhill Water Treatment Plant: Under drain replacement components, replacement media, surface sweeps, filter cell influent weir gaskets, low vacuum piping , high vacuum piping, vacuum tank level probe, vacuum tank level probe, vacuum tank water level gauge, inlet solenoid valves, backwash solenoid valves, effluent weir edge, seal water strainers and pressure regulators to maintain 40-PSI seal water pressure and paint rusted steel surfaces with specified NSF paint.

Status of Completion: Complete and online

Lift Station #2

Description: construction of new wet well, installation of two new submersible pumps, new discharge assembly in new vault, new control panel and communications system, new backup generator, new lift station enclosure, new force main with connection to existing force main, demolition of the existing lift station, and site restoration.

Status of completion: Complete and online

Water Treatment Plant Painting Wells and Waterline

Description: Exterior painting of clear well piping, wells, raw waterlines, painting of water mains, and force main aerial crossings located at 4800 N. University Drive, 4100 Rock Island Road, 4300 N. University Drive, 7101 W. Oakland Park Blvd.

Painting of Diesel Tank at WTP

Description: Exterior painting of diesel tank at generator

Status of completion: Complete


Water Treatment Plant Generator Retrofit

Description: Retrofit the existing 800KW generator located at the Water Treatment Plant for backup power in case of power outage.

Status of completion: Design Phase