Flood Warning System

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Flood warnings are forecasts of impending storms and are broadcast to the public by the NOAA Weather Radio, commercial radio, TV stations, and local emergency agencies. Our hurricane season runs from June 1st through November 30th. The following radio and TV stations carry advisories for our area:

  • WSVN Channel 7
  • WCBS Channel 4
  • WTVJ Channel 6
  • WBFS Channel 33
  • WPLG Channel 10
  • WLRN Channel 2
  • NOAA Weather Radio - Frequency 162.550
  • Lauderhill Operated Radio WQFL 1630 AM
  • WIOD 610 AM
  • WINZ 940 AM
  • Broward County Emergency Management Division
  • WDNA 88.9 FM
  • WAXY 790 AM
  • WQBA 1140 AM
  • WAMR 107.5 FM
  • WRTO 98.3 FM

Broward County provides a very comprehensive Hurricane Preparedness Guide.  By paying attention to weather alerts, you'll have enough warning time to protect your property or evacuate. You can also sign up on the Broward County Vulnerable Population Registry for residents that were disabled, frail or bad health to help first responders get to you faster.