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Underwater Recovery Team (URT)

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 Underwater Recovery Team

                 The Underwater Recovery Team, aka “Dive Team” was created in 2002 to respond to investigations that involve the 90+ miles of waterways/shorelines that exist within the City of Lauderhill. 

                Dive team members are specially trained to utilize SCUBA diving gear and technology to perform investigations in and around a watery environment.  Often-times suspects will dump vehicles, weapons, and other objects into the water in order to conceal the evidence of a crime.  In some cases traffic crashes cause vehicles to enter and submerge into a canal or lake; this is especially critical when heavy rains cause flooding.   There are also cases of accidental falls while fishing or walking along a canal or lake which results in an accidental drowning.

                In cases where rescue is no longer a factor, the police dive team performs the function of search and recovery.  Utilizing search patterns, underwater communication, metal detectors, and by feel, police divers ‘look’ for objects and people in water that you cannot see through. 

                In addition to serving within the City of Lauderhill the Dive Team assists other agencies upon mutual aid request.  The team has assisted numerous surrounding jurisdictions with their underwater search and recovery needs. 

                One area of national interest is the team routinely assists Homeland Security Investigations through the cooperative effort of Operation Turbulent Trident.  Under this federal initiative local dive teams join together to work under the auspices of Immigration and Customs Enforcement to perform homeland security and contraband checks under large ship hulls in local ports.  The Lauderhill PD Dive Team is proud to be one of the primary training groups for the local Turbulent Trident operation.

                In addition to diving in canals, lakes, and the port the Dive Team interacts with youth groups to teach children and adults of the dangers of unsupervised water sport activities.  The team also gives back to the community by volunteering in various waterway clean ups.

                Currently the team consists of five members from various units or divisions within the police department and works together with Lauderhill Fire Rescue Dive Team to increase the safety factor in the sometimes hazardous underwater environment.