Canine Unit

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The Lauderhill Police Department currently has two K9 teams, Both teams are made up of an officer and a Belgian Malinois Dog who handle multidisciplinary roles to include article searches, building searches vehicle searches, and narcotics detection. The K9 Teams are vigorously trained in suspect apprehension.

The K9 officers train with local agencies providing ongoing exercises, which includes obedience, tracking, and both area and building searches.

What Does the Canine Unit Do?

Patrol dogs are used to find criminal suspects. They search buildings and open areas, track suspects that have fled from a crime scene and locate any evidence that a suspect leaves behind. Using their keen sense of smell, a patrol dog can search faster, safer, with less manpower, and more accurately than officers can alone.

Along with their tracking duties the K9 officers also provide support for patrol officers responding to 911 calls and handling on view activity. The K9 Team also responds to SWAT call outs and assists when needed.

K9’s are trained to find the scent of marijuana, heroin, methamphetamine, and cocaine. The teams are responsible for locating narcotics that have been hidden in houses, cars, and buried in yards.