Road Patrol

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The Road Patrol is the foundation of the community policing effort. It consists of sworn members assigned to provide uniformed police service throughout the City of Lauderhill. It is their mission to provide a safe and secure community to the citizens of Lauderhill by performing their duties of law enforcement, crime prevention, and public safety to the best of their ability.

Some of their numerous responsibilities include maintaining order by enforcing Federal and State laws and local ordinances within the city, assisting in the investigation and apprehension of suspects and criminals, investigating suspicious activities, making arrests for law violations, checking on unoccupied businesses and residential properties, and watching for wanted/missing persons, stolen cars and property.

In addition, they actively engage in preventative patrol, respond to calls for service, thoroughly investigate every incident/circumstance that is brought to their attention, fairly and impartially enforce the laws of the State of Florida, render assistance to those in need, render assistance and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies, and interact with the general public to foster good relations and to identify public safety issues and concerns of the community.