JAG 2015 Public Notice Commission

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Justice Assistance Grant 2015

Lauderhill Police Department

The U.S. Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance, has announced that the Lauderhill Police Department is eligible to receive a total award amount of $38,590.00 in the Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) Program FY 2015 Local Solicitation. These funds are to be used to assist the department’s efforts to prevent and reduce crime throughout the City, enhance the technological abilities of the department, and improve overall effectiveness and efficiency of the department as it relates to addressing community concerns.

The Department proposes that funds received from the JAG 2015 Grant be designated as follows:

  1. Technological Improvements and Enhancements: $35,799.94
    The Lauderhill Police Department has designated this allotment to expand technology and enhance our current systems. The Funds will be used specifically to purchase 9 new desktop computers and 20 body cameras.

    The 9 new desktop computers will be used to replace the existing desktop computers that are currently in the records management unit and the criminal investigations division. The new technology will allow the Lauderhill Police Department to keep pace with the changing technology of today.

    The 20 law enforcement body cameras will allow the Lauderhill Police Department to start implementing the use of body cameras. Surveys and studies have shown that the utilization of on body cameras by law enforcement personnel reduces citizen complaints, use of force incidents, and increases citizen support due to the transparency the cameras bring to civilian/ officer interaction.

  2. Administrative Costs: $2,790.06
    These funds will be provided to the Broward Sheriff’s Office (BSO) to administer the elements of this grant. Federal guidelines require that the County and all Municipalities file their application jointly for JAG funds. Applications are filed utilizing a Memorandum of Understanding. One agency is appointed to file the grant on behalf of all of the eligible agencies, and to complete required reports regarding the use of funds. The BSO has been selected by the agencies throughout the County to act as the filing signatory for this grant.

Total JAG Funding FY 2013: $38,590.00