Citizen Observer Patrol (COP)

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The Lauderhill Citizen's Observer Patrol program was established in 2004 to enhance police-community relations and better serve those who live, work, and visit our city. In 2004 we had 5 Citizen's Observer Patrol members, and today we have 52 of our residents volunteering for our police department in various functions, and we are still growing.

A citizen observer is a resident appointed by the chief of police who has met the specific application, background and training requirements for patrolling his or her neighborhood to observe and report suspicious incidents and criminal activity.

The Citizen's Observer Patrol also seeks to bridge the gap between law enforcement and citizens in an effort to establish unity between them. A citizen observer is a Lauderhill resident volunteering on behalf of the Lauderhill Police Department, however they do not have law enforcement titles or authority, nor can they take law enforcement actions.

One prerequisite to volunteer in our Citizen's Observer Patrol program is to attend our Citizen's Police Academy, which is a ten week course. After completing the Citizen's Police Academy, residents are welcome to become members of the Citizen's Observer Patrol.