Planning and Zoning Board

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The Board consists of seven members: one picked by each of the five City Commissioners and two picked by the Commission at large. The Board members select the Board Chairperson and Vice-Chairperson every two years.

The Board is one of the few in the state delegated the authority to make a final determination on site plans. The Board also makes recommendations to the City Commission on Land Development Regulations, Zoning District Map amendments, Developments of Regional Impact applications, Comprehensive Plan amendments and plat applications. On occasion, the Board makes recommendations on planning and transportation related grant applications.

Current Members

  • Rev. Dr. Melville B. Herron, Chairperson
  • Mr. Rene H.R. Yacinthe, Vice Chairperson
  • Ruth Roman Lynch, Member
  • Kenneth Lewis, ESQ., Member
  • Mr. Win Hoffman, Member
  • Dr. Leland K. Hall, Sr., Member
  • Mr. Lamont Roberts, Member