The Planning and Zoning Department is responsible for: reviewing and evaluating all land development order applications (such as plats, plat note amendments, site plans, site plan modifications, special exception use, variance, and zoning district map amendments) and reviewing land development permits (such as building, sign, tree removal permits and residential paint permits) and occupational license applications; drafting proposed Ordinances amending the Land Development Regulations and Code of Ordinances; maintaining and implementing the Comprehensive Plan and preparing Comprehensive Plan amendments (including Future Land Use Map Series amendments); and performing similar planning related functions.

The Department also provides technical expertise to various boards including the Planning and Zoning Board, the City Commission, the Broward County Metropolitan Planning Organization Technical Coordinating Committee, the Public School Staff Working Group and the Broward Planners Group for the School Board for Broward County, Florida, and the State Road 7 Collaborative.