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The Hiring Process

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Step One

Review current job openings and select the position(s) that you may be qualified for. For a complete job description, please contact the office at 954-730-3090.

Step Two

Download the job application and complete all areas. If the application is not completed in totality, it may be rejected. Be sure to sign and date your application.

Step Three

Submit the application to Human Resources along with any required attachments, by mail or in person. It is the applicant's responsibility to submit all required documentation so please review the job announcement very carefully before turning in your application. If submission is by mail, it has to be postmarked by the closing date. Incomplete applications will be automatically disqualified during the determination of eligibility progress. It is your responsibility to ensure that all the required attachments (e.g. High School diploma/GED, College degree, Driver's License, Professional certifications etc.) accompany your application. You will not be contacted to provide missing documentation or information after you submit you application. Resumes are not accepted in lieu of an application. If you determine that an area of the application does not apply to you, please mark this area "N/A".

Step Four

All applications are reviewed and placed on an eligibility list as qualified or non-qualified. An email or card will be sent to all applicants who do not qualify to advise them of their status.

Step Five

Qualified applicants will be notified by phone or email of their interviews or any required testing. if there is a typing test required, be prepared to take the test at the time you submit your application.

Step Six

The successful applicant will be processed and, after the hiring process is complete, all other applicants will be noticed, by mail or email, that the position has been filled.

Open Continuous

Please note that open continuous positions may result in a lengthy suspension of your application as we only hire for these positions as needed.

Police Officer Positions

To apply for the police officer position, please complete the police application.

Internal Employees

Special Note to City Employees: Full - Time City Employees are required to complete an internal application that is also available in Human Resources Department or on the City's Intranet. Part - Time City Employees are required to complete the regular application which is also available in the Human Resources Department or on the City's website. A detailed work history and all required attachments must be submitted with all applications.

ADA Compliance

Under the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the City is required to reasonably accommodate qualified individuals with a disability. The requirement applies to the application process, any pre-employment testing, interviews, and actual employment (but only if the City is informed that such accommodation is needed.) If you are disabled and require accommodation, you can request it at any time by contacting the City of Lauderhill's Human Resources Department at (954)730-3090. Some accommodations may require advanced planning. We suggest that requests are made as early as possible.

Veteran's Preference

As provided in the Florida Statutes, preference in initial appointment will be given to applicants who are eligible. Eligible applicants must complete the Veterans Preference section of the application at the time it is submitted, and include a copy of their DD214 indicating disposition of service. Applicants must also include any additional required documents to support their level of preference eligibility.

Resident Preference

Applicants who are residents of the City of Lauderhill and who are considered to be qualified for an open position may be given preference over an applicant with the same qualifications who does not reside in the City of Lauderhill. Except where federal or state law mandates to the contrary, any and all residents of the City making applications for initial employment and who provide proof of residency for six (6) months prior to submitting an application, shall be entitled to a five (5) point preference in hiring.