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The primary functions of the Human Resources Department are hiring, employee training and development, labor (employee/management) administration, compensation and benefits, and risk management.

The employment function encompasses recruitment of employees, screening applicants for employment, processing the most suitable candidates, and orienting the newly hired in appropriate job vacancies and training programs. Employment also covers evaluations, promotions, the Civil Service system, EEO, salary plans, and job classifications. The department also administers the health benefits and related supplemental plans for the employees.

The employee training and development function prepares employees for present or future jobs. Training activities are implemented to develop skills, improve behavior, and provide information to employees that are pertinent in enhancing their performance on the job.

The labor (employment/management) administration covers the negotiation and interpretation of labor contracts and policies, as well as the implementation of contracts. The City has four unions that represent different groups of employees. The Teamsters represents the General employees of the City. General employees fall into several classifications of employees that normally cover maintenance, clerical, mechanical, customer service, and some technical positions. The International Association of Firefighters (IAFF) covers all Firefighters including the rank of Battalion Chief. The Fraternal Order of Police (FOP) covers all Police Officers and Sergeants. Lastly, the Broward County Police Benevolent Association, Inc. (PBA) covers Police Lieutenants. All other employees are in the Managerial and Confidential group which includes administrative, managerial and professional positions.

The risk management function of the City involves planning, organizing, leading and controlling the activities of the City in order to minimize the adverse effects of accidental losses on the organization at a reasonable cost. The Human Resources Department, along with our insurance broker, Public Risk Insurance Agency (PRIA), and our third party administrator, Alternative Service Concepts (ASC), administrates all claims dealing with risk filed against the City. The City is self-insured and thus operates by insuring itself with excess coverage provided by several companies.

The department also initiates in-house fitness programs and assists with various fundraisers to benefit the community as a whole.

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