The Fire Prevention Bureau's mission is to enforce Fire and Life Safety Codes in the city. The Bureau has four primary areas of responsibility. These four areas are as follows: Fire Inspection of Buildings, New Construction Plan Review, Fire Investigation, and Public Education.  The Fire Prevention Bureau consists of a Division Chief, Plans Examiner, 3-Fire Inspectors/Investigators, and 1- part time office assistant.

Fire Inspection of Buildings

The Inspection Division performs annual fire inspections on all commercial and residential properties of three or more living units, as required by the South Florida Building Code and Florida statutes. Other activities performed include Alarm test, Flow test, Fire Alarm, Smoke Evacuation test, and Fire Pump test. These activities focus on assisting building owners in complying with fire code and life safety regulations. City Ordinance, State and County Fire Code statutes define the scope of this program.

New Construction Plan Review

Inspectors assigned to plan review examine building plans of new construction as well as alterations to existing buildings. The review of plans may consist of fire alarm systems, fire sprinkler systems, fire suppression systems, exits, storage and propane gas line and tanks. Plans must be approved prior to permit being issued by the Building Department.

Fire Investigation

Fire inspectors also perform as investigators, to determine origin and cause of a fire scene. They also work in conjunction with the State Fire Marshal’s Office and the Lauderhill Police Department.

Public Education

The Fire Prevention Bureau is also responsible for all public education and fire prevention presentations.

  • Smoke Detector Giveaway Program
  • Fire Prevention Week
  • Community Outreach Programs
  • File of Life