Emergency Operations Center

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The City of Lauderhill has at its disposal a primary Municipal Emergency Operations Center (MEOC) and a secondary, “fallback” MEOC. Both are equipped with technology capable of connecting the staff of the MEOC to other Municipalities’ EOC, as well as the County’s EOC, which is responsible for coordinating resource allocation received from the State.

The MEOC is also capable of communicating with crews of various City departments operating pre-event, during an event, and post-event in a variety of ways. The technology available in the EOC permits the Staff of the EOC and crews operating in the field to send and update information including voice, text, and images in real time. This makes available to the command team critical information necessary for making key decisions.

Staffed during incidents on an “as-needed basis,” the EOC may be activated in a monitoring, partial-activation, or full-activation level. The staff of the EOC consists of an EOC director and one key representative from each City department with incident management responsibilities.