Emergency Management

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The Division of Emergency Management (DOEM) is the unit responsible for Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness for the City of Lauderhill. The DOEM’s goals align with the DHS/FEMA’s Disaster Preparedness cycle. This mindset towards Disaster Management guarantees a proactive approach to addressing all hazards.

The City of Lauderhill has grown increasingly aware of how different types of events can disrupt operations and jeopardize the safety of their citizens, employees, visitors, and business operators. Emergency planning and Disaster Preparedness, including continuity of operations planning, has become a necessary and required process for the City.

Mitigation Strategies and Planning/Preparedness during “blue skies” help reinforce city assets, minimizing interruptions to essential services, and augmenting a quicker return to normalcy. Businesses are faster to re-open, helping to sustain economic development of the City. Training and exercising on emergency plans prepares City personnel to respond to help protect residents and visitors of the City. Ultimately, a robust recovery plan, and trusting on effective mitigation, preparedness, and response, our residents, visitors, and business owners can rest easy knowing that the DEOM, in cooperation with all stakeholders of the City, have built an Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness framework capable of protecting the interest of all who are associated with the City of Lauderhill.


  • Public Education
  • Improving Infrastructure
  • Hazard & Vulnerability
  • Assessment


  • Continuity of Operations
  • Continuity of Government
  • Emergency Response Plans
  • Training and Exercise


  • Life Safety
  • Incident Stabilization
  • Property Preservation


  • Debris Management
  • Economic Recovery
  • Disaster Housing
  • Health and Social Services

During an EOC activation, the City keeps residents informed of the latest information via the City’s radio station @1650AM.

The DOEM is also responsible for management of the Community Emergency Response Team, the Vulnerable Population List, the Emergency Operations Center, and Code Red.