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Permitting & Inspections

 Engineering permits are needed when work is:

  • In right-of-way
  • In City easement
  • Paving
  • Sealcoating/striping
  • Driveways
  • Sidewalk Repair
  • Drainage
  • Irrigation/Upgrade Water Meter
  • Excavation/Dredging/Filing
  • Slabs

Lot coverage forms must be completed when:

  • Extending driveway
  • Pouring slab

Follow these steps to obtain an Engineering Permit:

1.  Obtain a folio number, work addressand current utility map from the Lauderhill GIS/Engineering Department.

  •  Prior to applying for a permit, send an email containing any applicable plans and/or proposal documents to:

2.  Fill out and submit Permit Application Document to obtain a reference number

3. Once application is reviewed, the City of Lauderill will contact you concerning comments and/or revisions or will instruct you to return to Lauderhill City Hall to obtain your permit.

  • This process generally takes less than 10 days depending on project complexity.

Additional Information:

  • The contractor who is doing the work needs to sign and notarized the permit application. They MUST be registered with the City of Lauderhill and also provide their Certificate Of Insurance showing the liability insurance carried.
  • Any major work, like directional bore and /or placing of new fiber, needs to have a Signed and Sealed stamp (City Engineer to determine if unsure).
  • If work is being perform on a State Road or County Road, we must include the FDOT and respectable County permit. If not received at the time, The City of Lauderhill will accept the application as proof that the permits have been applied for.
  • Permittee will need to maintain a 3’ horizontal clearance from all utilities in the area and 2’ vertical clearance.
  • Restoration is done per the City of Lauderhill Engineering standards.   The manual and AutoCad drawings can be purchased through the City Clerk’s Office for a fee of $50. 
  • If required, a Pre-construction meeting with the City of Lauderhill needs to include the General Contractor and the construction manager assigned to that job.

Permit Application document is available here.

Once your project is complete, you will need several documents to close it out.  A Utility Acceptance Package will assist you with this requirement.

Engineering Standards are available for purchase.  The cost is $50 which includes the manual and AutoCAD details.  Please contact the Engineering Division at (954) 730-3055 for additional information.