Zoning Map & Officers

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Code Enforcement Officers

Zone Officer Title Email Address

Cedric Monroe

Code Officer II Email Cedric
1 Josephine Rozie Code Officer I Email Josephine
2A Fitzgerald Simmons Code Officer I Email Fitzgerald
2B Kevin Johnson Code Officer I Email Kevin
Dwight Hall Code Officer II Email Dwight

Erik Richwagen

Code Officer I Email Erik
4 Marcus Jones Code Officer II Email Marcus

Ann Williams

Code Supervisor Email Ann
5A Rose Dorvil Code Officer I Email Rose
5C Darrell Thompson Code Officer II Email Darrell
Lee Kaplan Code Officer II Email Lee
6 Lareka Johnson Code Officer I Email Lareka
7 Serika Thomas Code Officer I Email Serika
Citywide Courtney Bonelli Minimum Housing Code Officer I Email Courtney
Citywide Errol Halliday Minimum Housing Code Officer I Email Erroll
Citywide Walter Morris Minimum Housing Code Officer I Email Walter


Office Staff

Staff Name Title Email Address
Claire Pierre Records Supervisor
Email Claire
Lisa Cannon Administrative Clerk Email Lisa

Shantoy Gunter 

Administrative Clerk Email Shantoy


If you have any questions or concerns about code enforcement please contact us at 954-730-3070.