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               DR Horton             
Registration Date
Subject Matter
Expired Date
 Hope W. Calhoun 01/01/18 Dr. Horton; Martin D. Hamburg/MJM Associates, LLC; Rava Group Container Services, Inc. Land Use & Zoning Approvals & Entitlements 12/31/2018
 Earnest A. Cox 01/01/18  Palm Beach Aggregates, LLC Water Resources 12/31/2018 
 Seth Platt 01/01/18  Lime Bike Dockless Bike Program 12/31/2018
 Andre S. Parke 01/01/18  Rev. Neville Buchanan  Zoning Issue  12/31/2018 
 Dennis D. Mele 01/01/18 Parabens Group, LLC  Zoning Issue  12/31/2018 
 Andre S. Parke 04/12/17  Rev. Neville Buchanan  Zoning Issue  12/31/2018 
 Candice Ericks 10/18/16  San Felasco Nurseries  Permitting Issues   12/31/2017
 Hope Calhoun 12/19/16  MJM Associates, LLC   Land Use & Zoning Approvals & Entitlements   12/31/2017
 Hope Calhoun 10/19/16  DR Horton  DR Horton- Land Use & Zoning Approvals & Entitlements    12/31/2017
 Hope Calhoun 10/19/16   Patrick O'Leary Timothy Patrick Development, LLC- Land Use & Zoning Approvals & Entitlements  12/31/2017
 Ernest A Cox 10/20/17      12/31/2018
 Ellyn Bogdanoff  10/08/16  Marc Meisel-President
 San Felasco Nurseries-Permitting Issues  12/31/2017
 Barbara Hall GreenbergTraurig  07/13/16  Le Parc at Lauderhill LLC
 Development of Property - NW 40th Ave. and NW 13 St.  12/31/2016
Gary Resnick 07/13/16   Accelerated Learning Solutions, Inc. 
(Randel Richardson)
Ord. No. 15O-05-118  12/31/2016 
Fred Karlinsly/Greenberg Traurig, P.A. 06/30/16   Le Park at Lauderhill. LLC Development of property at NW 40th Ave., and NW 13 St.  12/31/2017 
Keith Poliakoff 05/03/16   Alan Benenson/Smycon Development Group Corp. City approval for development of Cricket Club.  12/31/2017 
Cushla Talbut/Greenberg Traurig 03/24/16   HavenBrook Homes Code Enforcement Matters  03/24/2017 
Andre Parke 02/16/16  Steven Otto / Ptolemaios Property LLP Zoning  02/16/2017 
Barbara Hall 02/03/16  Haven Brook Homes / RHAZ, LLC.  Code Enforcement Matters  02/03/2017 
Catherine Minnis 01/07/16   Republic Services Hauling/Disposal/Recycling Services  01/07/2017 
Pamela Kane, Esq. 12/29/15  Martin Hamburg (MJM Associates, LLC)  Development Issues for Aishiel House  12/29/2016 
Scott Backman & Hope Calhoun  11/16/15 Timothy Patrick Development, LLC/Patrick O'Leary  Land Use & Zoning Approvals & Entitlements.  01/16/2016 
 Adriana Pereira-Reyes 10/22/15  Gerard Dehrmann/Wal-Mart Stores, Ind  ---  10/22/2016 
 Alicia Lewis 09/24/15  Compass Health Systems/Scott D. Segal, M.D.   09/24/2016 
 Vincent Grande 09/03/15   Scott Martin/Martin Gold Coast, LLC Bus Benches  09/03/2016 
 James Brady  08/13/15  Inverrary Property Investors, LLC  Parking accommodations for Nursing/Convalescent home at Atrium Plaza  08/13/2016
 Andre Parke  08/03/15 IMC Property Management, Inc.-Glen L. Widom, Esq.  Rezoning  08/03/2016 
 Steven S. Wherry  07/23/15 Blair Hyatt/Konover South  Land Use, Zoning, Permitting   07/23/2016
 Marcie O. Nolan 07/23/15  Jorge Gonzalez/Paragon Georgetown, LLC   Not mentioned "General"  07/23/2016 
 Gary Resnick 06/01/15  Accelerated Learning Solutions/Randal Richardson Proposed Ord. 15O-05-118  06/01/2016 
 Dennis D. Mele & Alicia Lewis 04/14/15    Konover South/Blair Hyatt Land Use/Zoning/Permitting    04/14/2016 
 Chris East 01/05/15  Sunshine Gas  Canopy Lighting-2599 N. St. Rd. 7    01/05/2016 
 Keith Poliakoff 12/10/14   Michael Sher/Symcon Group  Development of Cricket Club   12/10/2015
 Hope Calhoun /
Becker & Poliakoff, P.A.
10/22/14   Monica Bedford /
The Sembler Company
 Dorsey Miller   09/29/14  Tom Panza / Panza,Maurer & Maynard   Plantation General Hospital  09//29/2015 
 Rod Feiner  05/12/14  AHS Development Group  Land Use Development 05/12/2015 
 Linda Socolow  11/07/2013  Wash Depot   Land Use Development  11/07/2014
 Stephen Tilbrook  10/28/2013  Wash Depot  Land Use Development  10/28/2014 
 Stuart Michelson  10/24/2013   Palshva Realty LLC  Special Exception/Property Owner  10/24/2014
 Hope Calhoun 10/16/2013   The Sembler Company  Commerical Blvd. Shoppes 10/16/2014 
 Mitchell Ceasar  08/20/2013  Humana Medical Health  08/20/2014 
 Sean Pittman 06/12/2013  Waste Management   Waste/Recycle  06/12/2014
 Sheryl Dickey 05/10/2013   Sun Bergeron  Waste/Recycle  05/10/2014
 George Platt        
 Andre Parke  06/04/2013  Unity Bank/Michelle Kirmser  Property purchase of Unity Bank  06/04/2014
 Michael Moskowitz 05/21/2013   Wheelabrator Technologies  Waste/Recycle 05/21/2014 
 Scott Cowan 03/19/2013  Waste Management Inc.  Solid Waste  03/19/2014 
 Jody Siegel 01/23/2013  Waste Mgmt./Wheelabrator Technologies, Inc.  Waste/Recycle  01/23/2014 
 Jean Alain 01/10/2013  Sun Bergeron/Phil Medico   Waste  01/10/2014
 Damon Stinson 12/18/2012  Waste Pro of Florida   Waste/Recycle  12/18/2013
 Candice Ericks 12/13/2012  Waste Pro of Florida  Waste/Recycle  12/13/2013 
 Andre Park 10/25/2012   Lauderhill ALF Development Administrative Review  10/25/2013 
 Marcie Nolan  09/17/2012  Lauderhill Holdings LLC Georgetown Development  09/17/2013 
 Hope Calhoun  08/14/2012 Wheelabrator North Broward  Waste Disposal   08/14/2013
 Neil Shiller  08/06/2012 Sun Bergeron  Waste Disposal   08/06/2013
 Hope Calhoun 08/16/2012  St. Nicholas Development Co.  Sonic Restaurant   08/16/2013
 Aleida Waldman 08/02/2012  Sun Recycle LLC  Solid Waste Disposal  08/02/2013 
 Dennis Mele  07/25/2012 Wheelabrator North Broward  Contract - Waste Disposal Services  07/25/2013 
 Alain Jean 08/01/2012  T6SV Enterprise, Inc.  Library Performing Arts Center   08/01/2013
 Jack Shifrel 02/27/2012  Choice Environmental Services  Recycling Collection/Solid Waste   02/27/2013
 Jeffrey Siniawsky 02/24/2012  LED Source  LED Lighting  02/24/2013 
 Rhonda Wimberly 02/01/2012    Upcoming City Projects  02/01/2013 
 Jaime Saavedra 02/01/2012    Upcoming City Projects   02/01/2013
Sidney Calloway 02/01/2012 Central Charter School School Expansion Proposal 02/01/2013

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