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Mission Statement

Office of the City Clerk works in unison with the City Commission and City staff to provide quality services to the community with utmost professionalism, efficiency, and courtesy. We continue to maintain the integrity of the City through the legislative process, to offer administrative and technical support to the City Commission, ensure the dissemination of accurate information and the archiving of official documents. We are dedicated to innovative processes and continued preservation of the City’s history.

Services provided by this office includes:

  • Administering the city elections.
  • Acquire lobbyist registrations.
  • Maintaining all official city documents.
  • Managing city board / committee appointments.
  • Preparing agendas and minutes for City Commission meetings.
  • Providing notifications of public hearings.
  • Responding to public records requests.
  • Retaining ordinances and resolutions.

Available Resources:

  1. Code Of Ordinances
  2. Land Development Regulations
  3. Commission Meetings and Agendas
  4. Public Records Requests
  5. Advisory Boards