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Trash Collection

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Waste Management

Lauderhill's City-wide residential trash service has been contracted with Waste Management (WM). These services are billed on the customer's water bill account. Waste Management is responsible for trash collection from all single-family and multi-family units. WM collects garbage twice weekly, Monday through Sunday. To determine your neighborhood's bi-weekly garbage pick-up days, please call Waste Management at 954-974-7500. Calls are taken Monday through Friday, 7:00 a.m. until 6:00 p.m. and on Saturday from 7:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. After hours, residents can leave a message for Waste Management's residential customer service team.


96-Gallon Garbage Container (Cart)96-Gallon Garbage Container (Cart)

Waste Management provides each curbside collected residential household with a 96-gallon roll out container. The carts should be placed on the swale, not on the street. The swale area is the grassy area of your yard adjacent to the road. The cart lid opening should face the road so that it can be easily dumped in the garbage truck. Additional trash bags that are placed next to the 96-gallon container will NOT be collected by Waste Management.

Garbage Dumpster Container

Waste Management also provides some households or multi-family residential units with a garbage dumpster container to remove your trash.

WM Dumpster Bin

Collection Times

After 6:00 pm, the night before your collection day, you may place your garbage cart out for service. Your trash will be collected between 7:00 am to 7:00 pm on your garbage collection day. Please make sure your garbage cart is on the swale before 7:00 am to ensure your garbage is collected. After collection, garbage carts must be removed from the swale by midnight on the day of collection.

Holiday Schedule

Waste Management provides residential garbage pick-up on every holiday except Christmas day, December 25th.

Residential Trash Service Flyer

 Trash Service Flyer

Single-family homes

Waste Management will collect trash two times per week using the same collection schedule. Residents will continue to use their 96-gallon garbage cart on the same days carts are currently being serviced.

Cart set out guidelines

Place carts on the swale (not on the street). All material must be placed in the cart with lids closed. Additional material placed on the ground, on the cart or around the cart will not be collected. All emptied garbage carts must be removed from the swale by midnight on the day of collection.

Collection times

Your cart will be collected between 7:00AM and 7:00PM on your trash collection day. Carts should not be placed out for collection prior to 6:00 PM the night before your collection day. Please be advised that your cart may be emptied at a different time of day than your previous schedule.

Recycling Service

Waste Management now collects your recyclables. The current schedule will continue and if you have any questions, please call us at 954-974-7500.

Bulk Collection Service

In order to provide you the highest level of service, Waste Management has made changes to the bulk collection schedule. Residents will receive bulk service based on their address. Please refer to the Bulk Collection Maps on the inside of this brochure to determine your bulk service day.

Highlights of the new schedule:

  • Your current trash service days will NOT change.
  • Please check the calendar carefully to determine the dates for your area.

Bulk collection guidelines

What types of items are considered bulk materials?

  • Refrigerators, freezers, air conditioners - with refrigerants properly removed and verifed
  • Large Appliances (stoves, water tanks, washing machines, etc.)
  • Bundled yard trash (Loose yard trash such as grass clippings, leaves, dead plants, tree trimmings, etc. should be placed in your garbage cart)
  • Furniture

Please refer to the City of Lauderhill website for a complete list of acceptable bulk waste items. If you have questions about bulk service, please contact Waste Management: (954) 974-7500.

What items are NOT considered bulk material and will not be collected?

1.  Bulk waste piles containing  construction and demolition  debris including steel, glass,  pipe, brick, concrete, gypsum  wallboard, lumber, etc.  

2.  Piles of loose trash. Loose trash  should be placed in your garbage cart.

For additional information, please call (954) 974-7500.