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Lauderhill’s Recycling Program

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Waste Pro CartThe City of Lauderhill’s Recycling Service

The City of Lauderhill is proud to announce that Waste Management is now the exclusive recycling service provider. Beginning August 14, 2017, you will be able to use your new 65-gallon cart or 18-gallon bin for your recyclables.

Frequently Asked Questions...

What is my collection day?

Your collection day will remain the same, however, please refer to the recycle schedule map to determine your scheduled day for service.

The blue cart or bin is for recyclables only, and they will be serviced once per week. Carts and bins may be placed curbside even if they are half full. If you elected to retain your old container, you may continue to place your 18-gallon bin on the curb on your normal recycling collection day.

Will my rate change in August?

Yes, the new single-family rate for recycling will be $3.10/month and the new multi-family rate will be $1.61/month. There is no charge for the carts or bins, but there is a limit of one (1) cart or one (1) bin per household. If your cart or bin gets lost or stolen, there is an additional fee to order a replacement. If you would like to change the size, an additional fee will be charged to your bill.

What should I do with my current recycle bin?

You may keep your current bin for your own personal use or you may place it curbside to be recycled. If you receive a new 65-gallon cart and you would like to dispose of your 18-gallon container, you may place the 18-gallon bin inside the 65-gallon cart and place curbside on your regular recycling collection day. If there’s not enough room, place the old 18-gallon bin curbside next to the new 65-gallon cart with a note advising that you would like to recycle the old container.

What materials can I recycle?

Acceptable Items: The label on the lid of each cart provides a description of the recycle materials that can be placed in the cart. These items include newspapers and inserts, corrugated cardboard, brown bags, magazines, junk mail, shredded paper, aluminum cans, juice boxes, plastic jugs/dairy tubs, all colors of glass bottles and jars, tin cans and poly coated cans.

Items Not Accepted: Pizza boxes, aerosol cans, hoses, plants, toys, dishes/paper plates, juice pouches (i.e. Capri Sun), tires, styrofoam, clothes/textiles/carpet, batteries, plastic bags, grocery bags, paint, and electronics.

Do I have to separate my recyclable materials?

No, under this program all acceptable materials can be co-mingled together known as “single-stream recycling”. Single Stream Recycling means that residents do not need to separate their recyclables– it all goes into the blue cart or bin.

How should I place my cart on the street?

Place your blue 65-gallon recycling cart for collection within five (5) feet of the street by 7:00 a.m. on your scheduled pick up day. It is important to always have the cart facing the street. Do not place carts or bins next to mail boxes, cars, or on the sidewalk.

Holiday Service

Waste Management provides residential recycling collection service on every holiday except Christmas day.

Recycling Container Order Form

If you wish to order a new cart or bin, please download and complete the Recycling Container Order Form and return it to the City of Lauderhill. Please note there is a one-time replacement fee that will be added to your next monthly utility statement.

Additional Questions?

If you experience a "missed pickup" on your recycling collection day, or have any questions, please call the Waste Management Customer Service Center at (954) 974-7500 or visit You may also contact the City of Lauderhill at (954) 730-3000 or visit us online at

Recycling Collection Map

STEP 1: Type in your address and zip code in the Find Address box in the upper right hand corner.  (Example:  2101 NW 49 Avenue, 33313).

STEP 2: Once the pop up box designating your address appears, click on the map where the tip of the arrow shows.

STEP 3: A new pop up window will appear showing the recycle pickup date for your address.

The City of Lauderhill encourages you to

Precycle - Think before you buy!

Did you know that your buying decisions could help provide better choices for our planet? Recycling is a market-driven industry. As such, if a commodity is not needed or wanted, it is recycled into other items. Those items are less desirable in the market and the need to recycle this item decreases. Unfortunately, this is occurring with glass. We are still collecting this item, but the market has drastically reduced.

How Can You Help?

  1. At the store, if items are provided in glass or aluminum containers: Purchase the aluminum containers.
  2. Recycle your glass items at home. Here are some ideas for what you can use them for:
    • Use for vases.
    • Glass jars are perfect for storing herbs and spices as they seal tightly, helping keep seasonings fresh. One idea is to store glass jars filled with herbs and spices inside a kitchen drawer.
    • Glass jars are also easy to organize, especially if you use a number in the same size.
    • Forget Tupperware. Glass jars are the best containers to use for carrying runny foods like soup and stew.
    • Store your makeup brushes in glass jars for easier access.
    • Nothing tastes better than salad dressing made from scratch and nothing is easier than using a glass jar to make salad dressing.

Did You Know?

  • One piece of garbage in a recycling container makes it all garbage. Put garbage in its place!
  • If you place your items in a plastic trash bag and then in your recycling container, the bag and everything in it is considered garbage and is removed from recyclables and sent to the garbage dump or incinerator.
  • When food waste is present in your recyclables, it can cause the recyclables to be sent to the garbage dump or incinerator. Rinse your containers and place pizza boxes in your garbage container; they are not recyclable.

More Information

For more information, call (954) 730-3000, (954) 974-7500 or visit the City website.