If you are seeking medical attention due to being symptomatic, having traveled to one of the countries listed by the CDC on their advisory, or have been in close contact with someone who has traveled to one of these countries in the last 14 days, call the Broward County Hotline at 954-357-9500, 8 a.m. to 6 p.m., 7 days a week.

For any other questions related to COVID-19 in Florida, visit or please contact the state’s dedicated COVID-19 Call Center by calling (866) 779-6121. The Call Center is available 24 hours per day. Inquiries may also be emailed to

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Staff Directory

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Agosto Hernandez, GixalyAdministrative AssistantAdministration(954) 730-3005
Alexander, AliciaAquatics SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1462
Allen, Dominque L.Administrative AssistantUtilities(954) 730-4225
Allison, KaelaSergeant (Criminal Investigations Division)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Amos, PhinolaTeam LeaderFinance(954) 730-3036
Anderson, Andrea M.City ClerkCity Clerk(954) 730-3010 ext. 3013
Anderson, KadeemForemanPublic Works(954) 730-2960
Anderson-Whyte, PatriciaRecords SupervisorCity Rangers(954) 730-3072
Annabel, ChainPool ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 321-2466
Archbold, DeivisAssistant Information Systems Manager M.I.S Division(954) 730-3020
Aversa, MarieAdministrative ClerkFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Bates, MargaretCommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3017
Belcher, Sr., TimothyDeputy Police ChiefPolice Department(954) 497-4700
Berger, HowardVice MayorMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-2976
Blaides, KurtTransportation SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1475
Blair, ShawnPolice Officer (Royal Palm, Castle Hill SRO)Police Department(954) 497-4723 ext. 5011
Bogues, JacquelineCode Enforcement Officer I P/TCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Boukhari, JulieOperations AdministratorAdministration(954) 730-3002
Brown, JulieOperations AdministratorEconomic Development, Finance(954) 714-3125
Brown-Dyer, Daphne Administrative ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 321-2454
Brown-Taylor, JackieForeman (Maintenance)Parks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3080
Buckeridge, NeilWater Plant SupervisorUtilities(954) 730-2963
Burka, JimFacilities SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1459
Cala, J. MartinPublic Works Director / City EngineerEngineering, Public Works(954) 730-2961
Calderin, MichaelPublic Safety Operations Manager/ChaplainPolice Department(954) 497-4700
Campbell, RichardCommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3015
Cannon, LisaAdministrative ClerkCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Celetti, MarcFire ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Celetti, Meralis Administrative Operations ManagerFinance(954) 730-3043
Clarke, JasonEMS ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Clarke, Jose Sergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4723 ext. 5051
Collazo, KathyTeam LeaderFinance(954) 730-3030
Cross, MauriceFacilities ForemanPublic Works(954) 730-2960
Daniel, Sharrin Human Resources TechnicianHuman Resources(954) 730-3091
Daniels, LaTrandaCode Enforcement Officer I P/TCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Davis-Walker, ZacheryOperations AdministratorFinance
Dennis, TamicaAssistant DirectorPublic Works(954) 730-4224
Dorsett, TamekaAssistant Grants ManagerAdministration(954) 777-2045
Dorvil, RoseCode Enforcement Officer I P/TCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Downs, Douglas Director of Information SystemsM.I.S Division(954) 730-3099
Drummonds, MyrtleAdministrative AssistantPublic Works(954) 730-2960
Esquivel, MiltonNetwork AdministratorM.I.S Division(954) 730-3099
Evans, LurleenOperations AdministratorUtilities(954) 730-2967
Everline, KevinAdministrative AssistantFinance(954) 730-3033
Fearon, NadinePlanning and Zoning AnalystPlanning & Zoning(954) 730-3051
Fennell, RevlonDirector & Risk ManagerHuman Resources(954) 730-3090
Fletcher, JoanGIS ManagerEngineering(954) 730-4204
Gary, TorranceSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Giles-Smith, DesoraeCity ManagerAdministration(954) 730-3002
Girsch, BarryProgrammable Logics TechnicianUtilities(954) 730-2973
Gonzalez, AlejandroSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Gonzalez, AntonioSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Gosine, IndiraOperations ManagerFire Rescue(954) 730-2950 ext. 2224
Grant, Denise D.CommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3016
Graziose, DaleSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Green, MarcellusAdministrative Operations ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1474
Griffin, JodyWater ForemanUtilities(954) 730-2960
Hall, DwightCode Enforcement Officer IICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Hall, EarlCity AttorneyCity Clerk(954) 572-9020
Hall, ShantiaAdministrative Specialist IIParks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3080
Hansen, JoshuaSergeantPolice Department(954) 497-4700
Hardy, BrianSergeant (Criminal Investigations Division)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Hastings, JanetAdministrative AssistantParks & Leisure Services(954) 791-1034
Healy, CandiceAquatic Facility SuperintendentParks & Leisure Services(954) 486-3278
Henderson, SeanDeputy Finance Director/CRA DirectorFinance(954) 714-1535
Hennessy, David Major (Financial Services)Police Department(954) 717-1550
Hernandez, CiaraAdministrative AssistantHuman Resources(954) 730-3092
Hobbs, KennieDeputy City Manager / Finance DirectorAdministration, Finance(954) 730-3033
Hopper, AustinSergeant (Professional Standards Unit)Police Department(954) 730-4216
Howson, Molly Associate PlannerBuilding Department, Planning & Zoning(954) 730-3069
James, JulianStreets and Roads ForemanPublic Works(954) 730-2960
Jemeison, Tina-GayCommission Aide to Commissioner CampbellCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2042
Johnson, Herb Utilities DirectorUtilities(954) 730-4207
Johnson, Kevin P.Code Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Johnson, LarekaCode Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Johnson, LeslieDirector of Public Relations and Cultural ArtsAdministration(954) 730-3082
Johnson, TearsAdministrative ManagerEconomic Development(954) 730-3068
Johnson, TerriSr. Center CoordinatorParks & Leisure Services(954) 321-2450
Johnson-O'Meally, ElvineCommission Aide to Commissioner BatesCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2043
Jones, ClintonFacilities SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 791-1039
Jones, Gwen Purchasing AgentParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-2933
Jones, JeffForeman (Maintenance)Parks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3080
Jones-Kerr, AleciaCommission Aide to Vice Mayor BergerCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2041
Jordan, DarrylCity Ranger ManagerCity Rangers(954) 714-3074
Joseph, EguelPC TechnicianM.I.S Division(954) 730-3019
Joseph, SusanneBenefits/Risk Management SpecialistHuman Resources(954) 730-3094
Kaplan, LeeCode Enforcement Officer IICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Khavandegaran-Ruiz, JasminAdministrative ClerkCity Clerk(954) 730-3010
Kiffin, IrvinDirectorParks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3080
Kirksey, MarkeshiaRecreation LeaderParks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3080
Krempler, ErciliaAssistant DirectorHuman Resources(954) 730-3097
Lacey, Michael Lieutenant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 717-4610
Langley, CherylChief AccountantFinance(954) 730-3031
Langrin, ShaniAdministrative ManagerPlanning & Zoning(954) 730-3054
Lawrence, OtisPolice Officer (Parkway Middle SRO)Police Department(754) 322-4000
Lawrence-Cummings, KhyaCommission Aide to Mayor ThurstonCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3018
Leshinsky, JoelMuseum CuratorParks & Leisure Services(954) 730-3066
Levy, JeffreyAssistant Fire ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Londono, WilliePolice Officer (Staff Inspection - Accreditation)Police Department(954) 714-4814
Lopez, KennethEconomic Development CoordinatorEconomic Development(954) 730-3128
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