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Segur, AmandaGeneral Manager(954) 777-2055
Dorsett, TamekaAssistant Grants ManagerAdministration(954) 777-2045
Boukhari, JulieOperations AdministratorAdministration(954) 730-3002
Peter, KatiaAdministrative ClerkAdministration(954) 730-3000
Faranda, CharlesCity ManagerAdministration(954) 730-3002
Giles-Smith, DesoraeDeputy City ManagerAdministration(954) 730-3002
Sullivan, Jane Grants ManagerAdministration(954) 730-3001
Johnson, LeslieDirector of Public Relations and Cultural ArtsAdministration(954) 730-3082
Sinord, LisemaGraphics Specialist IAdministration(954) 730-3007
Shelton, ClaudeFacilities ManagerAdministration(954) 730-2980
Agosto Hernandez, GixalyAdministrative AssistantAdministration(954) 730-3005
Hobbs, KennieAssistant City Manager / Finance DirectorAdministration, Finance(954) 730-3033
Tawes, StephenCity PlannerBuilding Department, Planning & Zoning(954) 730-3064
Howson, Molly Associate PlannerBuilding Department, Planning & Zoning(954) 730-3069
Youse, RandyChief Building OfficialBuilding Department, Planning & Zoning(954) 777-2046
Petti-Rosenberg, Angel Assistant City Attorney City Clerk(954) 572-9020
Hall, EarlCity AttorneyCity Clerk(954) 572-9020
Chin, NadiaDeputy City Clerk City Clerk(954) 730-3014
Anderson, Andrea M.City ClerkCity Clerk(954) 730-3010 ext. 3013
Willingham, KristianRecords Management CoordinatorCity Clerk(954) 730-3010 ext. 3079
Khavandegaran-Ruiz, JasminAdministrative ClerkCity Clerk(954) 730-3010
Wilson, JessicaAdministrative AssistantCity Clerk(954) 730-3010
Johnson-O'Meally, ElvineCommission Aide to Commissioner BatesCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2043
Jones-Kerr, AleciaCommission Aide to Vice Mayor BergerCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2041
Lawrence-Cummings, KhyaCommission Aide to Mayor ThurstonCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3018
Jemeison, Tina-GayCommission Aide to Commissioner CampbellCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2042
Mangol, AmaniCommission Aide to Commissioner GrantCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2044
Jordan, DarrylCity Ranger ManagerCity Rangers(954) 714-3074
Anderson-Whyte, PatriciaRecords SupervisorCity Rangers(954) 730-3072
Pierre, ClaireRecords SupervisorCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Placide, JeanCode Enforcement Officer I P/TCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Kaplan, LeeCode Enforcement Officer IICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Thompson, DarrellCode Enforcement Officer IICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Hall, DwightCode Enforcement Officer IICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Williams, Ann Code Enforcement Supervisor Code Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Dorvil, RoseCode Enforcement Officer I P/TCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Cannon, LisaAdministrative ClerkCode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Rozie, JosephineCode Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Monroe, Cedric Code Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Simmons, FitzgeraldCode Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Johnson, LarekaCode Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Johnson, Kevin P.Code Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Skinner, AprilAssistant Operations AdministratorCode Enforcement, Finance(954) 730-3073
Johnson, TearsAdministrative ManagerEconomic Development(954) 730-3068
Lopez, KennethEconomic Development CoordinatorEconomic Development(954) 730-3128
Brown, JulieOperations AdministratorEconomic Development, Finance(954) 714-3125
Fletcher, JoanGIS ManagerEngineering(954) 730-4204
Silangil, OsmandoEngineering InspectorEngineering(954) 717-1521
Noel, DanylEngineering AssistantEngineering(954) 730-3055
Morton, ShelleyGIS TechnicianEngineering(954) 730-4238
Cala, J. MartinPublic Works Director / City EngineerEngineering, Public Works(954) 730-2961
Amos, PhinolaTeam LeaderFinance(954) 730-3036
Petit, Gaethane Accounting Clerk IIIFinance(954) 730-3045
Sanchez, AnaAdminstrative SpecialistFinance(954) 777-2047
Nisbeth, WinnieAccounting Clerk IIIFinance(954) 730-3047
Langley, CherylChief AccountantFinance(954) 730-3031
Pan, QiAssistant ComptrollerFinance(954) 730-3127
Pottinger, Karen Assistant DirectorFinance(954) 730-3046
Todd, Yolan Assistant Operations AdministratorFinance(954) 730-3067
White, KentreaPurchasing Agent IIFinance(954) 777-2051
Henderson, SeanDeputy Finance Director/CRA DirectorFinance(954) 714-1535
Everline, KevinAdministrative AssistantFinance(954) 730-3033
Martinez, JaniceAdministrative ClerkFinance(954) 730-3060
Celetti, Meralis Administrative Operations ManagerFinance(954) 730-3043
Collazo, KathyTeam LeaderFinance(954) 730-3030
Ranger, WayneFinance ManagerFinance(954) 730-3030
Madigan, KeithPurchasing Agent IFinance(954) 730-3044
Davis-Walker, ZacheryOperations AdministratorFinance
Wong, MaryAccounting Clerk I/CashierFinance, Parks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1459
Levy, JeffreyAssistant Fire ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Torres, RobertDeputy Fire ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Celetti, MarcFire ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Gosine, IndiraOperations ManagerFire Rescue(954) 730-2950 ext. 2224
Clarke, JasonEMS ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Morley, RicardoTraining ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Stevenson, PatriciaOffice SupervisorFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Aversa, MarieAdministrative ClerkFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Daniel, Sharrin Human Resources TechnicianHuman Resources(954) 730-3091
Fennell, RevlonDirector & Risk ManagerHuman Resources(954) 730-3090
White, RondaRecords SupervisorHuman Resources(954) 730-3095
Joseph, SusanneBenefits/Risk Management SpecialistHuman Resources(954) 730-3094
Hernandez, CiaraAdministrative AssistantHuman Resources(954) 730-3092
Krempler, ErciliaAssistant DirectorHuman Resources(954) 730-3097
Joseph, EguelPC TechnicianM.I.S Division(954) 730-3019
Rogowski, JerzySystem Network AnalystM.I.S Division(954) 735-5016
Downs, Douglas Director of Information SystemsM.I.S Division(954) 730-3099
Archbold, DeivisAssistant Information Systems Manager M.I.S Division(954) 730-3020
Esquivel, MiltonNetwork AdministratorM.I.S Division(954) 730-3099
Thurston, KenMayorMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3018
Bates, MargaretCommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3017
Grant, Denise D.CommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3016
Campbell, RichardCommissionerMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-3015
Berger, HowardVice MayorMayor and Commissioners(954) 730-2976
Green, MarcellusAdministrative Operations ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1474
Blaides, KurtTransportation SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1475
Rios, JorgeRecreation SupervisorParks & Leisure Services(954) 791-1034
Sooknanan, DoyRecreation LeaderParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1466
Picinic, Brian Assistant DirectorParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1478
Johnson, TerriSr. Center CoordinatorParks & Leisure Services(954) 321-2450
Brown-Dyer, Daphne Administrative ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 321-2454
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