Staff Directory

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Madigan, KeithPurchasing Agent IFinance(954) 730-3044
Maguire, MatthewSergeant (Traffic Enforcement)Police Department(954) 730-2957
Malik, MustaffaSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Mangol, AmaniCommission Aide to Commissioner GrantCity Clerk, Mayor and Commissioners(954) 777-2044
Marquez-Perkins, YvettePublic Information OfficerPolice Department(954) 717-4611
Martinez, IrvingLieutenant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 717-1554
Martinez, JaniceAdministrative ClerkFinance(954) 730-3060
Mauer, MarkSergeant (Criminal Investigations Division)Police Department(954) 497-4700
McGriff, TerrencePolice Officer (Crime Prevention)Police Department(954) 497-4723 ext. 5055
McKinnon, TawannaYouth Recreation ProgrammerParks & Leisure Services(954) 714-3238
Messon, ErciliaAssistant DirectorHuman Resources(954) 730-3097
Miller, VinceAdministrative ManagerParks & Leisure Services(954) 572-1471
Mitchell, BradSergeant (Patrol)Police Department(954) 497-4700
Moliere, StephanieRecords SupervisorPolice Department(954) 497-4700
Monroe, Cedric Code Enforcement Officer ICode Enforcement(954) 730-3070
Morley, RicardoTraining ChiefFire Rescue(954) 730-2950
Morton, ShelleyGIS TechnicianEngineering(954) 730-4238
Moser, AnnVictim AdvocatePolice Department(954) 497-4703
Mosley, ErvinaPolice Officer (Lauderhill 6-12 SRO)Police Department(754) 322-3632