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Chief’s Message - November 21, 2019

Chief Constance Stanley

Thanksgiving is always a special time of year. While most take time to show off their cooking skills, others will travel long distances to enjoy all that cooking.

According to statistics, millions of Americans will drive 50 miles or more to visit family during Thanksgiving weekend. This should be a time to make beautiful memories; unfortunately, if you are not careful, the memories you make may not be so happy. There are a series of food preparation safety and fire safety tips, but when it comes to travel, we do not seem to pay as much attention.

Please take a few minutes to read these tips because Thanksgiving should be a wonderful time to remember:

  • Start your travel with plenty of time, especially if we are experiencing bad weather.
  • Pack your patience, expect a lot of traffic.All those other drivers are also going to visit loved ones for Thanksgiving.
  • Make sure you secure your luggage correctly, especially if it's on the luggage rack, in case you have to brake all of a sudden. This includes any food items you may be bringing to dinner. Make sure they are adequately secured in containers with tight-fitting lids to keep you from springing away from the wheel to try to prevent a spill or to protect your meals.
  • Prepared foods can become spoiled and even poisonous if sitting out for more than a few hours. Make sure you cook your food thoroughly the day before, refrigerate it overnight, and then transport it in a cooler.You can always reheat it when you arrive at your destination.

Also, consider the following precautions to secure your home:

  • Do not announce your plans to travel, especially on social media like Facebook or Twitter.
  • You can make it appear like someone is home. Remember that movie, “Home Alone”? Leave some lights on inside the house, and put your outside lights on a timer.
  • Put your newspaper and mail on vacation or have a trusted neighbor pick it up for you every day.
  • Make sure you lock all your windows and deadbolt all exterior doors.
  • Clean leaves and debris out of your rain gutters to prevent flooding in case there is a lot of rain.
  • Don't forget to make arrangements for your pets with friends, family, or in a shelter if you are not able to bring them on the trip.
  • If your pet is traveling with you, remember to secure them with a harness or in a crate to avoid unnecessary injuries in the event you swerve or brake hard.

Be prepared so that you can stay safe! Thanksgiving is a time to make amazing memories that will last forever, so please make sure to follow these tips and let's help keep the holiday season a remarkable time of year.

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