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Chief’s Message - October 8, 2019

During this fall season, I encourage you to continue practicing safety measures as you are out enjoying the cooler weather. Many people worry about safeguarding their home and personal belongings at night, but most burglaries happen during the day while nobody at home. It is imperative to practice safety all the time!  

Take time out for an inspection exercise of the exterior of your home to see if you notice anything that might attract a burglar. 

  • Are your valuables easily spotted from your windows?
  • Is the shrubbery around your entry doors and walkways high enough for a thief to hide when they are breaking into your home?
  • Are there toys or ladders in your yard that can make it easy for a thief to access your home through a window?
  • Are there any windows or doors that are inviting to a burglar because they are broken or easy to pry open? 

If you answered yes to any of these simple questions, a thief would definitely come to the same conclusions.

  • Close all blinds before leaving the house or invest in black-out curtains.
  • Trim back shrubbery or overgrown plants/trees.  You might even consider planting thorny bushes underneath the windows and gates leading to your back yard in case thieves are tempted to steal your patio furniture or bbq grill. 
  • Install motion sensor lighting around your home and if possible a doorbell monitoring device linked to your smartphone.
  • Finally, I cannot stress the importance of getting to know your neighbors. Crime tends to be lower in neighborhoods that practice crime watch and have tight-knit communities. 

Be Prepared So That You Can Stay Safe!!!

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