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Chief’s Message - May 30, 2019

You are not normal, You are Special.  You are a Police Officer!

On May 23, a Memorial Ceremony was held in honor of Law Enforcement Officers who have died while protecting the communities they served. According to the 2018 Law Enforcement Officers Fatalities Report, an officer in the U.S is killed in the line of duty approximately every 58 hours. They are men and women whose average age is only 41 and who leave behind spouses, children, parents, siblings, and friends.  Currently, more than 21,000 law enforcement officers have made that ultimate sacrifice since the first known line-of-duty death was recorded in 1791.

In 2018, 144 Law Enforcement Officers were killed in the line of duty representing a 12 percent increase over the 129 officers killed in 2017.  Of the 144 fallen officers, 75 Officers were from municipalities, 39 Sheriff’s Deputies, 17 State Officers, 10 Federal Agents, 2 Territorial Police Officers, and 1 University Police Officer.

I thank the men and women of the Lauderhill Police Department for giving so much of their lives every day, and as I reflect on their excellent work, I am reminded about an interesting article I read in the Officer Next Door site called “It’s Not Normal”:

"It is not normal to see the things police officers see, hear, smell, touch, and experience.

It is not normal to carry the burdens police officers do, emotionally, physically, and mentally.

It is not normal to see dead bodies, mangled bodies, abused children, homeless people suffering, and victimized and taken advantage of.

 It is not normal to attend a funeral for a co-worker who died doing the same job as you, almost annually.  

It is not normal to go to work and not know what time you will get to go home, or if you'll even make it back at all.

It's not normal that nearly every call you answer someone is counting on YOU to help them. They may be at their lowest point, maybe they are experiencing a crisis, a loss, and you have to be there for them, no matter what is going on in your personal life.

It’s not normal, that no matter how much all these things bother you, you couldn’t see yourself doing any other job, because carrying this burden is what you were meant to do. This is your calling”.

Yes.  You are not normal, You are Special.  You are a Police Officer. To the hundreds of thousands of brothers and sisters in blue around the world, who put their lives and their “Normal” on the line every day, I say THANK YOU.

I regularly receive positive messages and feedback from residents and persons passing through our City about the outstanding work and exceptional service provided by the Lauderhill Police. The Lauderhill Police command staff, the City Manager and City Officials join me in expressing our highest regards and appreciation of the Lauderhill Police.

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