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Freddie McGregor, O.D and Marcia Griffiths, O.D.

  • Date: 06/29/2019 7:00 PM  

FMMG - sold out


The City of Lauderhill presents internationally-acclaimed, grammy-nominated singers Freddie McGregor, O.D. and Marcia Griffiths.

Internationally acclaimed, Grammy nominated singer, Freddie McGregor, O.D., has made significant contributions to Reggae music since its inception. His undeniable vocal availability boasts hits like, "Push Come To Shove," "Africa Here I Come," "I was Born A Winner," "Guantanamera," his chart-topping hits, "Big Ship," " Lock Dem Down," and "Bangarang," and American soul classics like, "Just Don't Want to Be Lonely," and "Can I Change My Mind." With his profound natural talent, influenced by legends Stevie Wonder, Bob Marley, Alton Ellis, Ken Boothe, Bob Andy and many others, Freddie finessed his craft to become one of reggae's greatest singers of all time! Be at the LPAC, as he performs his chart-topping hits!

Marcia Griffiths: She is The Empress of Reggae Music, the Most Honorable Marcia Griffiths, O.D., First Lady of Songs, Female Vocalist Supreme. In a career spanning 40 years to date and still going strong, she hits high points internationally as a soloist and as a duo with Bob Andy, as "Bob and Marcia". She has toured the world as a member of the I-Threes with Bob Marley and the Wailers. She hit the Billboard chart with "Electric Boogie Song" and created a world class dance, the Electric Slide. Since, she has performed all over the world and is known as "one of the most influential artists ever to come out of Jamaica," and now is your chance to see her live in your city - as she performs her hits "All My Life," "Love Is Automatic," "Live On," "Dreamland," and more!


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Leo Gilling: The end of this month, is a concert that is coming up in Lauderhill. What is your foresight on that?

Freddie McGregor: Well, I haven’t performed in this community for a long time. So, when we were approached about this event, I thought this would be a great event. And I thought, why not Sister Marcia? Because that’s a combination I love…I love working with Sister Marcia. I still see Sister Marcia as the truest champion female-wise for our industry. If you look at Marcia’s life and music, where she’s coming from and where she’s today….she and I, we share basically the same struggles and the same everything. And we fought our way through to be here today. Yes, it’s not easy. It’s not an easy road, like Buju says.

Leo Gilling: And especially for a woman in that time.

Freddie McGregor: Worse. And she managed to hold out. And managed to keep relevant. And managed to still continue to make some of the most beautiful music, with the most beautiful voice. And so, she has to become in the big time. And so, I was really happy that she and I was doing this concert. And that’s going to be magical, I can tell you. Anybody that miss this concert, you’re gonna miss one of the best reggae concerts in South Florida for a long time. So, I would urge everyone to come out and make sure you be a part of that event.

Leo Gilling: Yes, it’s so nice to hear. I’m really looking forward to that concert. I’m going to wrap up, but I want you to tell the people them to come out.

Freddie McGregor: Yes well, we’re urging everyone to come out. The date is June 29th, and guess what….and guess what, you can even call it my birthday concert, because my birthday is on the 27th. So hear what you can do for me as a real fan now…just bring my little birthday gift come.

Leo Gilling: (Laughs and claps)

Freddie McGregor: No seriously, seriously. Just carry my birthday card, everything, everything what you have for me. Just bring it come the 29th. The 27th is the birthday, the 29th is the concert. Just bring all the birthday loving come.

Leo Gilling: One thing I ask you for, is to remember to bring this song with you....“Rasta Man Have the Key to the City”.

Freddie McGregor: Yes, I will. We do that song every night. We perform that song every night. (Freddie laughs).

Leo Gilling: Alright, just make sure.

Freddie McGregor: Also, we have two very special songs that Sister Marcia and I are going to do, and they’re going to be mind-blowing. I won’t give them away or nothing, but trust me, I love working with Sister Marcia. It’s a good combination, one of the greatest combination. And I think in terms of enjoyment and enjoying a great concert, that's the evening for it....June 29th.

End Dialogue


Start Dialogue

Leo Gilling: So, tell me about the concert that’s coming up on the 29th of this month. What do you expect?

Marcia Griffiths: Well, I am looking forward to that concert so much.

Leo Gilling: Tell me why, tell me why.

Marcia Griffiths: Many reasons….I love the audience here in South Florida.

Leo Gilling: And they love you, that’s right.

Marcia Griffiths: And I love working with Freddie.

Leo Gilling: Aye yes, he said the same thing this morning.

Marcia Griffiths: Trust, know, it’s the honest gospel truth. I love working with Freddie. And we have a couple of collaborations together. So, once we share the stage, we do the collaborations that we have. But, I know it’s going to be a real musical up-liftment. You know, we want everyone to be there.

Leo Gilling: Tell them again, tell the again, because…..

Marcia Griffiths: We are reaching out to touching souls through the medium of the music. We’re not just going there to entertain and sing and dance. We want to touch souls which no doctor in the universe can do. So, I am looking forward to that moment, you know. That when everyone leaves that place, they will be so uplifted. The music will take them on another level, and they will leave there feeling so rejuvenated.

Leo Gilling: And I hope that this starts a tour for you and Freddie that will be great.

Marcia Griffiths: Well, I always look forward to working with him, you know. And I love the way….one of the things I love about Freddie, he’s a great performer, great songwriter. And most importantly, it’s just a few of us stand up and defend ourselves.

Leo Gilling: He’s and advocate man, I love that. He’s really…a guy, he stands up for the music and for the industry, you know. We talked about that this morning.

Marcia Griffiths: Few of us. Even, I am not even the type of person that would say the type of things that Freddie would say. But people like Queen Ifrica, I endorse her. Tanya Stephens, Etana…these sisters are just some strong militant sisters. And I love the whole fact that they are a part of this business. You see, it’s not for me…and I am just happy that I can even cut across age barrier, and still performing with the younger generation, because I am truly thankful that I have performed with 1st, 2nd and 3rd generations. It’s something that I feel is a great accomplishment. And I am truly thankful for, but I really endorse these people in the music business that stand up firm for the truth and the right. That is what it’s all about. Because remember you know, the music is our greatest weapon. We don’t have anything else, this is our sword. And we know it’s powerful. Even the baby, from the baby is born, the baby start sing the song, 3 years old. I always say that they should put the lesson in music and teach it in the schools, and they will gravitate to everything easier. So, this is all we have, the music. And I usually beg and beseech to singers and DJ’s and everyone, to just, let’s come together, use this music in a positive way to teach, educate and uplift. Because this is the only way we can unite the world, and this generation needs positive vibrations. They need positive message. We don’t want to teach them with the wrong thing. You know.

Leo Gilling: June 29th at that LPAC, that’s Lauderhill - the LPAC in Lauderhill. Please come out and support. Matter of fact, I don’t even have to convince you to come out and support because when Freddie and Marcia takes the stage….that’s going to be the blow up of a lifetime. So please, just buy your tickets early. Thank you so much Marcia. Thank you so much, and for being so patient with me today, I hope this is worth it.

Marcia Griffiths: Yes…you better believe it. I know it’s worth it, because I’m looking forward to that moment.

Leo Gilling: Okay, thank you. Take us away.

End Dialogue

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