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Cardio Fit Exercise Class

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Silver Sneakers/Healthways Fitness Classes at Veterans Park

We are excited to offer new exercise programs at the Veterans Park facility starting on Tuesday April 18, 2017.  The Cardio classes will be scheduled year round with a break for 8 weeks during our summer program. Sessions will have a maximum number of 25 participants in each class.

The classes are designed for Silver Sneakers/Healthways Flex members and nonmembers 55 years and over, including all Veterans. However, individuals that do not qualify through their insurance are able to participate for a $2.00 fee per class.


Classes will be for 45 minutes and will start and end promptly on time. Please allow yourself enough time before and after class to warm up and cool down.

The Cardio Fit Class will be offered on Tuesday mornings starting at 9:15 am.


Silver Sneaker/Healthways FLEX Class Description

Please review the class description to better understand the goal of each class. If you have any questions, please feel free to call us at 954-572-1459 or speak with our recreation staff while visiting the park.

Cardio Fit Class - is a group exercise perfect for participants who are fit and active, as well as those who want an energizing activity. The class format is low-impact aerobic choreography, smooth transitions, and sequenced movement repetitions. Instructors incorporate standing and mat routines.


Everyone Bring One

Whether you are a seasoned exerciser or someone just starting out, maintaining an exercise program has its challenges.  Bringing a friend and spreading the word may help you in this process. We want to help as many individuals obtain their fitness goals and maintain a happy healthy life style. So, Everyone Bring One, and welcome to the Veterans Park family.

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